Palace of Justice and environs

Starting at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), the first “White Rose place” you will encounter is the Justizpalast, or Palace of Justice. To reach it, walk down either Prielmayerstraße or Bayerstraße from the main train station. Located at Prielmayerstr. 7, it’s an impressive building directly across from Stachus or Karlsplatz.

Right next door at Prielmayerstr. 5, the Chief Prosecutor or Bavarian Attorney General in Munich—a Dr. Helm—had his offices. While he was not directly involved with the White Rose trials, he coordinated things for Roland Freisler.

While you’re in the area: Bayerstraße 1 housed the law office of Dr. Riemenschmied, the first attorney the Hirzel siblings tried to retain. Luckily for them, he was replaced.

Other White Rose attorneys in the area: Keep walking Neuhauserstraße towards Marienplatz. Turn left at Herzog-Max-Straße. House number 4, in the basement: Law offices of Dr. Willy Bencker, a relatively good guy who tried to defend Heinrich Guter at the April 19, 1943 trial. His petition to represent Guter was denied. Or actually ignored until after the trial. “Too late,” the People’s Court wrote him, though his petition was filed timely.

If you’re really into attorneys involved with the case: Dr. Ferdinand Seidl II had his law offices at Arcostraße 1. Seidl was Christoph Probst’s worthless attorney who did as little as possible for his client. To detour over to Seidl’s offices: Keep heading north on Herzog-Max-Str., turn left on Maxburgstraße, head back toward Stachus (across Lenbachplatz), then right on Sonnenstraße, which becomes Barerstraße. Arcostraße is at the corner of Barer and Arco Str.


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