The Scholls and Ulm

Münsterplatz 33 as it was seen in the 1930s

Starting at the train station, take a quick look around Bahnhofplatz. It was much larger, fancier, and attractive in 1943. Try to imagine Susanne Hirzel—in her early twenties—being led through this plaza in her hometown along with ‘common criminals’, on her way to spend the next six months in a women’s prison.

Next, find Bahnhofstraße 10, where Robert Scholl had his accounting offices from 1930—1932. (Bahnhofstraße runs directly in front of the train station, whereas Bahnhofplatz is behind it.)

Bahnhofstraße becomes a pedestrian zone. Stay on it until it intersects Wengengasse. Turn right. When Wengengasse stops being a pedestrian zone, it becomes Glöcklerstraße. Cross the busy Neue Straße, then turn right on Gresenhofgasse. Heinrich Brenner, good friend of Hans Hirzel and Heinrich Guter, lived at Gresenhofgasse 1.

Brenner was responsible for the mailing of the “Galen sermon” that impacted many of the friends of the White Rose. He intended to carry on the White Rose leaflets after their executions, but things became too dangerous for such activities in Ulm, and he had to shelve what he had written. Brenner’s resistance activities were characterized by uncommon good sense and caution—and bravery.

Walk up Schwilmengasse across Gerbergasse/Fischergasse, enjoying the ambience of the Fischerviertel, Ulm’s historic Fishermen’s Quarter. As you cross the Blau River right before it joins the Danube, Schwilmengasse becomes Weinhofberg, then Sattlergasse, which ends at Postgasse. Once you cross still-busy Neue Straße, you will find yourself on Münsterplatz.

Münsterplatz 33 is very well marked. It was the Scholls’ residence from May 1939 through 1944. However, the building as it stands is greatly altered. The original residence was several stories taller, and consisted of two “buildings” at the same address. There were separate entrances for each building. Scholls lived on the third floor (German—2nd floor) on the corner away from the Münster. A Jewish family had occupied the apartment until they had to leave following Kristallnacht. [Note: Alternate texts have Scholls living on the fourth floor – German third floor.]

Do take the time to get information at the white “Bauhaus” structure on Münsterplatz across from this building. It’s Ulm’s tourism center, and the brochures and goodies they offer are worth your time.


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